Television Series

Both television series which are based on my books are produced by production company de Haaien.


My books are published at Prometheus publishing house in Amsterdam, For collaboration with photographer Jeroen Toirkens. For a sample of my work: e-mail.


My articles are represented by The cover story where I have some stories in translation rights please give than a call on +31206241934 or write them an have a look here or see below.

“Rocket debris crashing down on villages: it could be the script of a science fiction movie. unfortunately it is a reality for the residents of Korgon, a village in the mountainous area of Altai – a Russian autonomous republic in south Siberia. The space agency Baikonur launches rockets on a regular basis and its location is only six hundred kiIomelets southwest of Korgon. The agency is responsible for sending satellites or cosmonauts into space. Recently the Dutch Andre Kuipers was one of them. The rockets do not actually go into space, they are so called ‘booster rockets’: certain parts of the rocket fall back to the earth, other parts burn in the atmosphere. American rockets end up in the Atlantic ocean, in Russia however, rocket-pieces fall back on the ground. Since the first launch in 1959 more than two thousand kilotons of rocket waste fell from the skies. There are designated “deserted’ areas for this “dumping and one of them is the mountainous area, eight kilometer away from the village of Korgon. ” – translated by Renske Werner