Norwegian humour

If this is typical Norwegian humour, then people there must be really disturbing.
This is a clip of a Norwegian comedian who playbacks a song from the Dutch comedy singer Wim Sonneveld (I think). If that is not funny enough for the audience, he puts his head in a fish. Hard to describe, you better watch it:

Then he goes to Holland and tries to talk to people in quotes from Sonneveld:

I am preparing to playback a Norwegian classic with my head in a rabbit.

The link between Kasparov and Karadzic

For anyone who think that in Russia you have the evil Putin-Medvedev tandem and the good Kasparov opposition, here’s something that doesn’t get so much attention in the Western press.

One of the most important participants in Kasparov’s coalition is the National Bolshevik Party, headed by the Russian writer Eduard Limonov. Here is a video of Limonov shooting at Sarajevo during the siege in the nineties, on a visit to his buddy Radovan Karadzic:

An inconvenient truth, as Al Gore would put it. This is just to put some nuance in the reports about the Russian democracy movement.